Un-Modernised London Property Research Team

Unmodernised-London was set up in 2003 and has seen our team fly around the world with a view of bringing empty UK homes back into use, our skill set in both research and development have grown from strength to strength.

Working With Local Councils & the Public

We work with both the Private & Public sectors we are always at hand to talk through a case and advise on where we can add benefit.

Missing Heirs? No Next of Kin? Can’t find the most recent will?

Our team are highly trained in tracking down owners of abandoned properties and in some cases having to track down heirs that me be entitled to the estate of a distant family member that didn’t even know. No two jobs are ever the same and thats what keeps our team always engaged and excited to be

Renowned & Respected Heir Hunters

Our reputation is second to none, and we can resolve the most complex of issues in a fair and efficient manner.

Report an Abandoned or Derelict Home to us

We trust that anyone who works with us will quickly realise that we are extremely transparent in our dealings. We can help Clients, Communities & Local Councils in resolving issues of empty homes.

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