Missing Heir

Trace Heirs

When dealing with empty properties, more often then not we realise that heirs that are due the proceeds of these properties are unaware of this sitting asset, our team of researchers using tools they have work vigorously in tracing the heirs so that we can enable them to claim the what is rightfully theres.

Heir Hunters

Once we have been given a lead we work fast, long & hard until we trace the missing beneficiary our networks spans worldwide. we usually amaze our introducers with how quick and accurate the results we achieve with minimal information to work off.

Who Instructs us?

Solicitors that are dealing with the estate of a deceased person that are unable to trace the heirs named

Local authorities – sometimes a local authority is left dealing with a funeral for a person that had no family or loved ones around them, they instruct us to trace family members.

Neighbours– Our leads come sometimes from neighbours who are concerned of empty properties causing harm to the local area the properties conditions continue to deteriorate and this can attract dumping, squatters and unwanted nuisance.

if you know of an empty property in your local area that meets our criteria you can get paid for referrals!  T&C’s Apply

We enjoy what we do and our work is appreciated by all that may be involved we re-introduce empty properties into use and our heirs claim assets that are lawfully theirs without ever even knowing of the asset.

Empty Homes Numbers Revealed

Government figures show, around 200,000 homes are currently vacant and unused. Because of soaring costs & increasing demand, bringing them back into use has never been so important. While local councils can force the owner of a vacant abandoned property so it can be brought into use, either purchasing the home themselves or compelling deals in situations where individuals have unpaid charges or are seeking compulsory purchases take note. Sadly, councils although it is one key agenda the resources and funding are stacked against them in regards to this approach.

The issue of derelict & abandoned homes are all too recognised when you end up neighbouring one of these homes, sometimes in extreme cases even can be thought to affect the values of neighbouring properties due to the anti social activities that come with empty properties and the risk posed when they are left vacant and almost certainly uninsured. A major attribute that fuels vacant and abandoned homes are when somebody passes on, an issue that we at Un-Modernised London are very much mindful of. We run a respected property administration service, where individuals from people in general public can report to us concerning a void home in their neighbourhood, and we can reunite the homes with the rightful heirs.

Nuisance Empty Homes

Envision paying £3,500 to tidy up an abandoned property after pigeons invade… A recent documentary shown on the BBC ‘Scotland’s The Country Council’s’ aired its final instalment last week* (2 November) featured what can happen when a level is left vacant for a considerable length of time. The program, which concentrates on officers from Argyll […]