How To Sell Your House Without An Estate Agent

More and more people each year are deciding to sell their home without an estate agent. If executed correctly, a self-sale can dramatically reduce your costs and it will let you keep more of the equity currently in your home.

However, it’s not as easy as it seems. And while no homeowner enjoys paying for the services of an estate agent – they do provide a valuable service. The potential consequences of making a mistake or an oversight when you sell your home without an estate agent can be severe.

We wouldn’t like to provide advice on the legalities and paperwork involved (as it’s far more complex than we could hope to teach in a post like this). But here are a few things that you should take into account from a selling and marketing perspective.

Spring Cleaning

One of the simplest things you should be doing when selling your home without an estate agent is also one of the most effective. By giving your house a deep clean you will dramatically increase its selling power.

Spend a weekend going over the home from top to bottom cleaning and wiping down every surface you can find. Hire a professional carpet cleaner to suck the odour and dirt out of carpets to leave them looking as good as new.

Light Renovations

While you’re doing your spring cleaning in the tip above, make notes of any little bits of damage you may find around your home. Things like curtains, door knobs, skirting boards, and lamp shades can be replaced relatively cheaply and will make a world of difference to your home’s overall appearance.

The most common, and most effective piece of advice in this section is to give the walls a lick of paint. You should ideally paint every wall in your home with a fresh coat (unless they’ve been painted very recently). Pick neutral colours that are going to be acceptable to most people, regardless of their tastes.


This is something that is normally done for you, but when you sell your home without an estate agent, you’ll have to arrange it yourself. Once the cleaning and renovation have been completed you should get one or two independent valuations done on your property. Find a RICS accredited surveyor to ensure you get an accurate and impartial evaluation.


Marketing your home has never been easier. The days of people walking along the high street looking in estate agent’s windows are long gone, it’s all done online these days. There are countless websites where you can list your home for sale and instantly have access to thousands of potential buyers with a few clicks. It’s one of the main reasons people are selling their homes without estate agents.

Tip: Hire a professional photographer to take pictures of your home before listing it on these sites. It’ll probably cost you less than £100 but it will make your house look far more attractive to prospective buyers.

Other Options

If you’re unable to sell your home via one of the online sites we mentioned above, then there are several other options you have available. Auction houses were once the most common choice for properties that were not selling through traditional routes. However, the process can be confusing, and expensive – especially if you have little experience with them.

Home buying services are another option. They generally pay much less than the market rate for your property (but it’s often similar to what an auction house would pay). They also usually take care of all the legal work for you, which means you don’t need to pay the various associated fees.


So there you have it, a quick guide to the kind of things you’re going to need to look into if you’re planning on selling your house without an estate agent. This is far from a comprehensive list, but it’s a good introduction. We recommend you do a lot more research before committing to selling property without an estate agent.

Finding Missing Heirs

You may be surprised to find out that in this day and age it’s possible for people to simply “disappear”. You’d think that in the time of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter that there would be a never-ending paper trail for investigators to use to locate people entitled to an estate.

While it’s true that it’s much easier these days than it once was to find missing heirs, it’s far from a solved problem. There are thousands of missing heirs out there who are entitled to at least part of an estate of a long lost relative that are blissfully unaware that people are searching for them.

How Missing Beneficiaries Are Found

Face To Face Meetings

One of the most effective ways to locate a missing heir is one of the oldest and simplest – talking to the deceased’s friends and family. We’ll discuss genealogy and family trees and uncover any leads that may be useful in other stages of the process. This is almost always the starting point that leads us on to other discoveries and entitlements.


Record Searching

Obviously, our job is a lot easier if we can speak to the friends and family of the deceased. But if we can’t, then we start digging through public records to see if we can find any evidence or paper trail that will lead us to an heir. We’ll search through birth, marriage, and death certificates spanning several generations to find potential leads.


Historic Archive Searching

We’ll take the time to also search through a range of other online archives and historic family trees to locate potential leads if we can’t find anything by searching through marriage, death, and birth certificates. We also have our own in-house databases we have developed over the years to provide us with even more insight into who we should be talking to about the intestate.


How Do We Deal With International Searches?

As the world becomes more and more interconnected we are starting to live in a very global society. Immigration and emigration are becoming more and more common each and every year, which often makes finding missing beneficiaries difficult. Other countries may not have kept accurate records, they may have local political environments that make document retrieval difficult (or the records may not exist at all).


To help with this we have developed a network of heir hunters all over the world which allows us to have individuals familiar with local customs, politics, and bureaucracy working on our side. This enables us to access records quicker, and easier than many other heir hunters.


How Do We Protect Ourselves?

As you can imagine, from time to time people will come out of the woodwork and make a claim to an estate long after it has been distributed. Sometimes these claims are fraudulent, and other times they are legitimate. We take out missing beneficiaries insurance to protect ourselves from these scenarios in the very rare cases they arise.



So there you have it, that’s how our heir hunters work and how we find missing beneficiaries to estates. Many people like to sell their probate home when it’s transferred over to them, others like to rent it out.


Whatever the beneficiary wants to do, we make sure we find the correct missing heir.

Estate Administration : The Complete Guide

An administrator of an estate has a wide range of responsibilities that need to be taken into account. Missing just one of the many critical things required can result in a wide range of financial penalties and legal headaches. As such, it’s important to know what is expected of you in great detail.

Below we will list some of the many things you should know you are responsible for. Please be aware that this is by no means a complete or exhaustive list, there are many more responsibilities and tasks that need to be conducted.

The First Steps

  • Firstly you’re going to obviously need to check if there is a will that outlines the deceased’s wishes. If you find a will, you need to obtain a copy of it and find out where the original version is being kept.
  • Trace any missing beneficiaries that may be indicated in the will.
  • The DWP (Department of Work and Pensions) need to be aware of the death to stop any benefit and pension payments being made. This should be done as soon as possible to avoid potential repayment hassles.
  • Similarly, you should contact HMRC to let them know of the death.
  • Conduct a full analysis of all organizations the deceased may have outstanding debts with. This includes things like credit card companies, utility bills, and bank loans.
  • If the deceased is a homeowner, you should contact the insurance company to inform them of the death. You should also immediately remove any valuable items from their property because contents insurance usually stops at the moment of death (or soon thereafter).


Asset And Liability Valuations

  • Find out the value of the deceased’s cash assets at the time of death.
  • Get 2 or more independent valuations on any property that the deceased owns for an accurate and impartial valuation.
  • Research the possibility of the deceased owning property overseas. If you discover any indication of overseas property, then get them independently valued as per the point above.
  • If an overseas property was discovered, you will need to see if the deceased made a will in the country that the property is located in.


Tax And HMRC

  • You’ll need to create an inheritance tax account to deal with any taxes associated with the estate. The tax that is due will usually be payable from the estate itself, be sure to pay it as soon as possible and keep the receipt.
  • Prepare and submit a final self-assessment income tax return that includes all untaxed income the deceased made before the date of death.


Liquidate The Estate

  • Apply for probate to give you a grant of representation.
  • Liquidate the equity in the estate and sell the property where appropriate.
  • Ensure that any liabilities are paid off with the funds released from the liquidation of the estate before distribution.
  • Ensure that all personal effects that are directly mentioned within the will are distributed to the appropriate family members/friends.
  • Finally, distribute the estate’s assets as per the wishes of the deceased as outlined in their will.



So there you have it, an overview of the kinds of things you’ll be expected to do as an estate administrator.

As we mentioned before, this is not an exhaustive list, you should either hire a professional to get probate advice or do an extensive amount of research before you take these responsibilities on. Un-Modernised London Can aid with all Aspects of probate call us anytime.





Trace Heirs

Missing Heir

When dealing with empty properties, more often then not we realise that heirs that are due the proceeds of these properties are unaware of this sitting asset, our team of researchers using tools they have work vigorously in tracing the heirs so that we can enable them to claim the what is rightfully theres.

Heir Hunters

Once we have been given a lead we work fast, long & hard until we trace the missing beneficiary our networks spans worldwide. we usually amaze our introducers with how quick and accurate the results we achieve with minimal information to work off.

Who Instructs us?

Solicitors that are dealing with the estate of a deceased person that are unable to trace the heirs named

Local authorities – sometimes a local authority is left dealing with a funeral for a person that had no family or loved ones around them, they instruct us to trace family members.

Neighbours– Our leads come sometimes from neighbours who are concerned of empty properties causing harm to the local area the properties conditions continue to deteriorate and this can attract dumping, squatters and unwanted nuisance.

if you know of an empty property in your local area that meets our criteria you can get paid for referrals!  T&C’s Apply

We enjoy what we do and our work is appreciated by all that may be involved we re-introduce empty properties into use and our heirs claim assets that are lawfully theirs without ever even knowing of the asset.




Empty Homes Numbers Revealed

Government figures show, around 200,000 homes are currently vacant and unused. Because of soaring costs & increasing demand, bringing them back into use has never been so important. While local councils can force the owner of a vacant abandoned property so it can be brought into use, either purchasing the home themselves or compelling deals in situations where individuals have unpaid charges or are seeking compulsory purchases take note. Sadly, councils although it is one key agenda the resources and funding are stacked against them in regards to this approach.

The issue of derelict & abandoned homes are all too recognised when you end up neighbouring one of these homes, sometimes in extreme cases even can be thought to affect the values of neighbouring properties due to the anti social activities that come with empty properties and the risk posed when they are left vacant and almost certainly uninsured. A major attribute that fuels vacant and abandoned homes are when somebody passes on, an issue that we at Un-Modernised London are very much mindful of. We run a respected property administration service, where individuals from people in general public can report to us concerning a void home in their neighbourhood, and we can reunite the homes with the rightful heirs.

Nuisance Empty Homes

Envision paying £3,500 to tidy up an abandoned property after pigeons invade… A recent documentary shown on the BBC ‘Scotland’s The Country Council’s’ aired its final instalment last week* (2 November) featured what can happen when a level is left vacant for a considerable length of time. The program, which concentrates on officers from Argyll […]

Reporting Abandoned Property Can Solve The Housing Crisis

The housing crisis that faces the UK is a countrywide problem. From Scotland to Southampton and everywhere in-between there is a chronic shortage of homes. London is perhaps the area suffering most from this issue, and there are very few viable solutions to the crisis.

Unlike other parts of the country, simply building new homes in London isn’t a viable solution. Land costs are astronomical, and potential sites for new builds are few and far between. One of the most exciting, and potentially successful ways to deal with the housing issue is by renovating and restoring abandoned properties in London.

There is a shocking amount of abandoned property in London that is currently sitting unoccupied and unsuitable for habitation. These derelict properties are nothing but wasted space that could be renovated and used as homes for families and professionals alike.

It’s one of the only viable solutions for London’s housing crisis. If we can’t build new homes, then the next best thing is for us to renovate abandoned properties and turn them into livable homes.

How You Can Help Solve The Housing Crisis

The problem with these abandoned properties in London is that they are very hard to find. There’s no central database of derelict properties that renovators can check, it’s all done through word of mouth and good old-fashioned legwork going from street to street.

We wish there was an easier way, there are so many potential homes that are lying in ruins waiting for them to be discovered by organizations like ourselves. But we need to use local knowledge to locate these derelict properties before we can turn them into homes.

We’re dedicated to helping London and its inhabitants solve the housing crisis. It’s our sole mission that takes up all of our time and energy, from the moment we wake up until the moment we go to sleep. We spend hours scouring the capital for abandoned buildings and unmodernised houses that could be put to better use and provide a new home for a family.

This is a huge amount of work, which is why we are asking the community of London to give us a helping hand. There is no substitute for local knowledge when searching for abandoned properties in London, and while we have knowledge of our corner of the capital – we might not know about yours.

If you know of an abandoned building in your area that would be suitable for renovation, then tell us about it. In return, we will give you £20 of vouchers, just for tipping us off and reporting the abandoned property in London. If we decide to buy the derelict property and successfully close the sale, we’ll pay you 1% of the purchase price as a way to say thank you.

Together we can solve the housing crisis from the bottom up. So if you know of a derelict property in London and want to earn a little money by turning an abandoned property into a modernised house, let us know today!