Finding Missing Heirs

You may be surprised to find out that in this day and age it’s possible for people to simply “disappear”. You’d think that in the time of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter that there would be a never-ending paper trail for investigators to use to locate people entitled to an estate.

While it’s true that it’s much easier these days than it once was to find missing heirs, it’s far from a solved problem. There are thousands of missing heirs out there who are entitled to at least part of an estate of a long lost relative that are blissfully unaware that people are searching for them.

How Missing Beneficiaries Are Found

Face To Face Meetings

One of the most effective ways to locate a missing heir is one of the oldest and simplest – talking to the deceased’s friends and family. We’ll discuss genealogy and family trees and uncover any leads that may be useful in other stages of the process. This is almost always the starting point that leads us on to other discoveries and entitlements.


Record Searching

Obviously, our job is a lot easier if we can speak to the friends and family of the deceased. But if we can’t, then we start digging through public records to see if we can find any evidence or paper trail that will lead us to an heir. We’ll search through birth, marriage, and death certificates spanning several generations to find potential leads.


Historic Archive Searching

We’ll take the time to also search through a range of other online archives and historic family trees to locate potential leads if we can’t find anything by searching through marriage, death, and birth certificates. We also have our own in-house databases we have developed over the years to provide us with even more insight into who we should be talking to about the intestate.


How Do We Deal With International Searches?

As the world becomes more and more interconnected we are starting to live in a very global society. Immigration and emigration are becoming more and more common each and every year, which often makes finding missing beneficiaries difficult. Other countries may not have kept accurate records, they may have local political environments that make document retrieval difficult (or the records may not exist at all).


To help with this we have developed a network of heir hunters all over the world which allows us to have individuals familiar with local customs, politics, and bureaucracy working on our side. This enables us to access records quicker, and easier than many other heir hunters.


How Do We Protect Ourselves?

As you can imagine, from time to time people will come out of the woodwork and make a claim to an estate long after it has been distributed. Sometimes these claims are fraudulent, and other times they are legitimate. We take out missing beneficiaries insurance to protect ourselves from these scenarios in the very rare cases they arise.



So there you have it, that’s how our heir hunters work and how we find missing beneficiaries to estates. Many people like to sell their probate home when it’s transferred over to them, others like to rent it out.


Whatever the beneficiary wants to do, we make sure we find the correct missing heir.

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