Envision paying £3,500 to tidy up an abandoned property after pigeons invade… A recent documentary shown on the BBC ‘Scotland’s The Country Council’s’ aired its final instalment last week* (2 November) featured what can happen when a level is left vacant for a considerable length of time.

The program, which concentrates on officers from Argyll and Bute Council in the west of Scotland, in their Empty Homes epidemics and what they can behold. Amenity officer Jim was called to an apartment level after neighbours in the square showed concern of pigeons being in the property.

When he entered the flat himself, the council officer found pigeons had been making themselves home for quite a while. The majority of the surfaces were canvassed in pigeon droppings, and four or five pigeon remains were lying on the floor where the feathered creatures had got into the flat through a gap in the properties structure and sadly couldn’t get out thus had starved to death.

The Council officer brought in the assistance of his partner, environmental health officer Richard. The Council didn’t own the property, yet pigeon droppings, are extremely unhygienic, known to cause respiratory issues. The invasion was regarded a risk for different occupants in the area, and as the council did not know who its owner was, they were landed with the cleaning bill – £3,500.

In Argyll and Bute, there are more than 3,000 individuals on the social housing waiting list, and the property highlighted on Thursday’s night demonstrate was one of 1,000 longterm vacant homes.

Un-Modernised London deals with situations like this across the country and councils are left constantly dealing with homes that can not be re-introduced to the public and their anti-social presence poses costs on the council that are being taken from the public purse,

At Un-Modernised London when we have a property introduced to us more likely then not we are able to track the rightful owners of these properties and urge them to bring the properties back into use.

If you know of a property like this we would like to hear from you our referral service also pays to introduce these properties to us.

To discover more about Un-Modernised London vacant homes services, get in touch with us on , email info@un-modernisedlondon.co.uk