Do You Know Of An Abandoned Property?

Have You come across a property that you know has been vacant for a while?

How can you tell if its vacant and abandoned?

  • Is the property in a state of disrepair?
  • The property has had no visitors for some time
  • Has someone sadly recently passed and the home been left closed?
  • Properties left empty because the owner has moved into residential care?

Report It To US

Get in contact with us by Phone, E-Mail, Via the Contact us Form or Even by Homing Pigeon

Our Team will quickly verify your lead

What do we check?

  • Is it actually abandoned

(we conduct a electoral register search)

  • Is it on the market or recently been sold

( we have access to agents portals)

  • Is it Within the M25 Greater London area

( We are currently only paying referral fee’s on properties within the M25)

  • Has someone already passed us this lead?

(Our database will quickly let us know – give us the street name we’ll tell you the door numbers we have.)


On Successful referral we will gift you £20 in the form of a high street voucher

Once you have given us the referral we get to work on finding the properties rightful owner,

More often then not we are able to negotiate a purchase of the property and at the stage of our firm buying the property we have a commitment to pay you as the introducer 1% of our purchase price, which will be paid immediately at purchase.

Send your referral in!