Reporting Abandoned Property Can Solve The Housing Crisis

The housing crisis that faces the UK is a countrywide problem. From Scotland to Southampton and everywhere in-between there is a chronic shortage of homes. London is perhaps the area suffering most from this issue, and there are very few viable solutions to the crisis.

Unlike other parts of the country, simply building new homes in London isn’t a viable solution. Land costs are astronomical, and potential sites for new builds are few and far between. One of the most exciting, and potentially successful ways to deal with the housing issue is by renovating and restoring abandoned properties in London.

There is a shocking amount of abandoned property in London that is currently sitting unoccupied and unsuitable for habitation. These derelict properties are nothing but wasted space that could be renovated and used as homes for families and professionals alike.

It’s one of the only viable solutions for London’s housing crisis. If we can’t build new homes, then the next best thing is for us to renovate abandoned properties and turn them into livable homes.

How You Can Help Solve The Housing Crisis

The problem with these abandoned properties in London is that they are very hard to find. There’s no central database of derelict properties that renovators can check, it’s all done through word of mouth and good old-fashioned legwork going from street to street.

We wish there was an easier way, there are so many potential homes that are lying in ruins waiting for them to be discovered by organizations like ourselves. But we need to use local knowledge to locate these derelict properties before we can turn them into homes.

We’re dedicated to helping London and its inhabitants solve the housing crisis. It’s our sole mission that takes up all of our time and energy, from the moment we wake up until the moment we go to sleep. We spend hours scouring the capital for abandoned buildings and unmodernised houses that could be put to better use and provide a new home for a family.

This is a huge amount of work, which is why we are asking the community of London to give us a helping hand. There is no substitute for local knowledge when searching for abandoned properties in London, and while we have knowledge of our corner of the capital – we might not know about yours.

If you know of an abandoned building in your area that would be suitable for renovation, then tell us about it. In return, we will give you £20 of vouchers, just for tipping us off and reporting the abandoned property in London. If we decide to buy the derelict property and successfully close the sale, we’ll pay you 1% of the purchase price as a way to say thank you.

Together we can solve the housing crisis from the bottom up. So if you know of a derelict property in London and want to earn a little money by turning an abandoned property into a modernised house, let us know today!

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